I’m Mel and I live amongst the picturesque rolling green hills of South Gippsland in Victoria, Australia. I grew up here and I have always loved where I live. Now I am raising my own family in this beautiful countryside, I’m a mother to three adorable children and a wife to a pretty amazing husband! We have a little farm with a horse, chickens, sheep, cows, bees and a big veggie patch. As you can imagine, life is very busy, but I love that!!

I am so lucky that my passion and my career are one and the same. I am a photographer and I love everything about it! My beautiful Grandmother bought me my first SLR camera when I was 15 years old and thats where my love for photography started. I’m forever grateful she sparked that flame. With continual development I’ve been perfecting my style ever since, I now only shoot with natural light, because there is nothing that compares to nature. The thing I love about portraiture is the capture of a moment in time, so simplicity is everything. I use techniques to draw the eye to the most important part of the image - you and your family. 

*top image taken by Fox + Feather Photography

*bottom image taken by Shelley Price